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Still feeling a little shy even in casual social situations?  Imagine if there was a way to get people to react positively to you FIRST, and you only had to respond to their comment or compliment.  Might be a bit easier making friends, don't you think?

That's the idea behind my new Flirty Shirts socializing designs. They are designed to be conversation starters. The common theme I use for this centers around cute puppies because they are shown to draw the most smiles and comments from people and, after all, that's exactly what a shirt designed to get a reaction from people is supposed to do, right?

I'm always looking for new ways to get you ladies off the dime and out there "in the field" using some of the sexy and fun techniques that you'll find in my books. So I came up with this idea of letting the shirt make the first move for you.  Ah-ha, how sneaky!  All you have to do is respond with a bit of charm... easy!  And natural. Before you know it you'll be chatting and mingling with new friends everywhere.

So now you have no excuse: get out there and start creating the awesome life for yourself that you desire and deserve I've made it as easy as standing around and fending off all the interesting men that you can handle! ;-)

Start feeling good about yourself and more socially confident with a Flirty Shirt.

fox terrier tee
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sad puppy eyes tee
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six puppies tee
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bar and party tee
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St. Pattys tee
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I call these next six designs my Pink Tickle collection. They are provocative, sexy and possibly a little bit more "out there" than you may be used too, but you're gonna love the attention they create. Stepping into a room wearing one of these is a great way to experience a boost confidence about yourself as a woman. Try one, they come in a variety of tees, tops, styles, hoodies and other high quality apparel from Redbubble. All feature my special sensual, hot pink lettering!

flirty chick tee
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Here are several other design panels. All of these are available on a variety of different apparel items, colors, styles and sizes. The pink lettering looks best on black I think, but you can preview any available shirt color and see what looks best for you. (You could even get the lettering imprinted on a lighter pink shade of fabric so that the words wouldn't even be visible until someone was really pressed in close to you! ;-)

pink tickle tee
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pink tickle tee
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pink tickle tee
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pink tickle tee
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pink tickle tee
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If you are unfamiliar with the books that I've written about self-esteem for women, I invite you to take a look at my High Value Female website—which promotes my Empowerment Series of thought-provoking essays that will give you clarity about all your romantic goals... along with sharing loads of precise and fun strategies to achieve them!

high value female

(I've also written a couple of classics for the men's dating market right here)


Rejection-Proof Clubbing Tee's For Men

"...never fails to get a great response!"

social icebreaker tees

All us guys know that, when it comes to charming women (especially in bars and clubs), the most difficult part is getting them to lock eyes with you for even just a moment... and smile!

So imagine if some great looking girl walked right up to you in at a party, grabbed you by your provocative new t-shirt and screamed: "Ohmygod how friggin' cute! I love this! Where did you get it?..."

What better "in" could you possibly have for opening a conversation and making a gorgeous new friend?

This is the genius of my Rejection-Proof Icebreaker Tee's they incite an instant warm feeling in most women giving you the perfect green light to start flirting! Getting a girl to regard you favorably mere moments after first meeting her is the best positive impression that you can possibly imagine. And that's what it is all about.

Test one of these shirts out for yourself. Wear it anywhere and you'll be amazed at how easy it can be to meet lots of people this way.

cute foxes tee
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six puppys tee
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sad puppy tee
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funny puppy tee
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Before there was anything written for the ladies, however, there came crashing into existence my two great pillars of socializing and romantic advice for men: 'Without Embarrassment' and 'She's Yours for The Taking'.   Ah, those were the days... long before the era of swiping-right, bumble blowoffs and tinder ghosts... back when you looked a girl in the eye, overcame your fears, and rocked her world with your words!  You can still read about it—and even give it a try for yourself over at my legacy website

high status male

Please take a moment to check out some of my other collections on  Every design comes on several different varieties of apparel—hoodies, long-sleeve, active, baseball, v-neck, relaxed-fit and graphic tees... racerbacks, chiffon and slim-fit tops—in addition to household items such as phone cases, stickers, posters, mugs, water bottles, backpacks, wall-hangings, shower curtains and even clocks!

Thanks ;-)


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